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Mariana Remple Scholarship Forms

The Endowment Committee of the Friends of Hidden Valley, Inc. has developed a Scholarship fund for Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts of Douglas County.  Some of you may remember Mariana Remple who was a Cadette & Senior Girl Scout Leader, Girl Scout Trainer and promoter of Hidden Valley Camp for many years.  For those of you who do not remember her, she was a wonderful person and totally dedicated to helping girls "reach for the stars."  To honor Mariana, the Friends Of Hidden Valley, Inc. will offer scholarships to individual Girl Scouts of our area to attend activities or events that will help develop individual leadership skills, environmental awareness and provide opportunities to give back to Hidden Valley Camp. 

Teens may apply for any reason for the Mariana Remple Recognitions Awards. There are two $150 awards given out annually. Friends of Hidden Valley was very pleased to have given this award (2013) to Sandra Fangohr, Troop 7675. Teens need to print legibly or type the application and the essay about "Why I love Hidden Valley".

Forms may be submitted anytime during the year prior to April 1. Only two scholarships will be awarded per fiscal year.


Hidden Valley Troop Rewards Program Forms

The Friends of Hidden Valley, Inc. is an independent membership organization dedicated to the support of Hidden Valley Camp. One of our main goals is to seek and encourage volunteerism at the camp from both its members and the Girl Scout community, and to help ensure the passage of this unique wildlife area to future generations. Having girls involved in the maintenance and development of Hidden Valley will help them learn commitment, responsibility, and stewardship of their land, for now and in the future.

To assist in this goal, the Friends have developed a Rewards program for those troops that exhibit outstanding efforts in stewardship of Hidden Valley Camp. Each year, one troop from each level (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador) will be rewarded with a $50 check to be used however they wish. Whether or not your troop is rewarded monetarily, they will still be rewarded with their experiences at the camp-- a place to have fun, learn new skills, meet new friends, and the satisfaction of leaving their camp in better shape for those coming after them.

Please note, for "Troop Rewards" troops need to keep the form and add as many dates & events as they can because the "more the merrier". We only give out one $50 award per age level. There may be some stiff competition for that $50 per troop. If girls are able, they should be filling out the forms. If they are not able, then leaders should get their troop feedback and then fill out the form with "the girls" comments. We also want the girls input about their thoughts and experience, not the leaders or advisors. 


Deadline to apply is April 1st of each year. 

Any other questions or concerns regarding the above programs, call Marcia West at 785-766-3037 or

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